by Getaway Dogs

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Getaway Dogs' sound is perhaps conveyed best in the self-coined genre "Cushy Bedroom Psychedelic Bossanova & Dreamsurf." A potent blend of psychedelic indie rock, Tropicália, and soul, Getaway Dogs is the brainchild of Brazilian-American songwriter Kai Killion. There exists a symbiosis between these different elements, a dreamscape rooted at its rawest form in Killion's songwriting. Since the release of their first album "Lost in the Ebb" in 2016, the band has made a name for itself in Santa Cruz and greater Bay Area, having shared the stage with notable acts such as The Mattson 2, Durand Jones & The Indications, & Gabriella Cohen. This Fall the band is proud to release their second and most refined album, BELONG.

This is the soundtrack to a lush summer dream: A rosey, jazzy, and fruitful escape through music. Hypnotic vocal harmonies and swirling guitars, entrancing drum beats and slippery keyboards: All these and more play into Getaway Dogs’ latest fantasia, BELONG. Unifying elements of psychedelic surf-rock, indie, folk, soul and Tropicália, Getaway Dogs dive deeper into the hidden caves of musical discovery, embracing the vastness without going adrift. Each song conveys its own particular feeling as honest, nostalgic lyrics inhabit the atmosphere. The album title calls the listener in to feel at home in the dreamscape, and to hold space for those who feel overwhelmed by the current state of the world. BELONG is available on all streaming platforms now.


released September 27, 2019

Produced by Kai Killion and Lucas Heinel.
Recorded and mixed by Lucas Heinel in Santa Cruz, CA.
Mastered by Justin Weis in San Francisco.

Guitars vocals synth casio percussion // Kai Killion
Keys synthesizer percussion samples // Lucas Heinel
Drums // Andrew Hawes & Spencer Higgins
Backing vocals // Sakari Sanker & Anjoli Kumra
Bass // Kai Kopecky & Chili Corder
Rhodes & slide guitar // Elliott Kay
Banjo // Joe Kaplow
Organ // Rob Armenti & Simon Linsteadt
Trombone // Travis Gibbs

Artwork by Anjoli Kumra Kelly Murray & Kai Killion


all rights reserved



Getaway Dogs Santa Cruz, California

cushybedroom psychedelic bossanova & dreamsurf.


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Track Name: Only in Retrospect
only in retrospect
can i know if it was worth it
will i regret?
so by that logic
i'll take my chances
we have our moments

all will distill and dilute
into its eternal essence
i'll be waiting
so for that reason
i'll take my chances
only in retrospect
Track Name: 2425
twenty four and soon twenty five
where's this man that i should become?
is he dead or is he alive?
are his bones my own?

turtle island's floating away
down some future
hope i remember these days
lost in a focus
driftwood in rain

and i'm a stone
i'm made for the skipping
and i'd skip a million times
across oceans rivers and rapids
great lakes and interstate lines

twenty five and soon twenty six
where’s this man that I should become?
is he broken or is he fixed?
are his bones my own?

I found a friend she told me story it made me cry
humming birds drew the nectar straight from our eyes

my shadow one day won’t be mine anymore
and that is fine and that’s how it goes
time is short and breaks like a nose

don’t take much too seriously
after all it’s all in the mind
ego rots realty’s shaky
broken the hands of the times

there’s a garden under the waves you won’t find
and there’s a cabin up in the mountains but it ain’t mine

my shadow one day won’t be mine anymore
and that is fine and that’s how it goes
time is short and breaks like a nose
Track Name: Sawtooth (I've Been Wrong Before)
Is true love climbing a tree for a good view?
Don’t leave this visceral place it’s inside you
Fractals in dark shiny tunnels and k-holes at 3 am
All my logic was out in the wilderness
It never happens like this

I’ve been wrong before
And I’ll be wrong again

All the same the beauty of things
Must be they change
Can’t explain the beauty of things
Must be they change

Is true love a dip in the bay with no clothes on
You’ve been clouding my head like a new song
One thing I think that I know
Is that people they come and they go
Stay a moment and
Levitate here with me
As far as I can see

I’ve been wrong before
And I’ll be wrong again

Beauty of things
Must be they change

I’ve been wrong before
I’ll be wrong again
You’ve been wrong before
And you’ll be wrong again
Time goes by I’m sure
Baby just pretend
Waves upon the shore
Don’t break they suspend
Track Name: Juddy
let's have a party at my pad
we'll play 45's until we're dead
and if we're feeling a throwback
we'll play a round of thumper instead

don't think i wanna be sober anymore
cuz since my baby left i'm a wreck
i feel it over and over again
but Juddy is here
reciting poems like Kerouac
and i'm rolling over on my back

here i go again
here i go again

we went to south america
and got ourselves good and lost for months
we were just 19 but we had heart
and soak it all up like a sponge

he's my brother and i love him so very much
and he saved my life more times than once
he's reaching deep and he's chasing after the dreams
he had as a boy and i know he will succeed
this is for my goof friend Ben Juddy

here he goes again
here he goes again
Track Name: Chuva
heart of mine gently keeping time
far away visions of the day
love's alive love is here again
if all we need is all we have within

come on home
come on home
where you been
where you roam
since you have been gone
i've been so alone

heart of mine barely keeping time
far away visions of today
love's alive love is here again
and all we need is all we have within
Track Name: Daze Gaze
and i found myself in a daze gaze
sending old thoughts through wind and sun rays
on the wild edge corroded by slow time
someone told me don't hurry

you'll be fine
you'll be fine

and i found my self in a daze gaze
took a slow dive to find my sea bed
it was soft
Track Name: Lagunas
take me to the outskirts
the margins of the moments
i've been disconnected
calm but not collected
down and underground
take me in your arms
so i can belong

take me to lagunas
there i can be myself
there's a river in us
longing for a sea
like a mother's arms
like a mother's arms
where we can belong

looking around at others
staring down at nothing
they could use a breath
of pine or eucalyptus
redwood love come on
take them in your arms
so they can belong

i cease to trip as i slip
slip into her lucid eyes
i cease to think start to sink
sink into what
into what's left of the night

into what's left of the night
Track Name: Keep
when you were a grey owl in some past life
you had a place you'd go
you were a lotus once out in some lonesome pond
you were a deep violet heart beating hard in someone's chest
and you were the dotted line, spectral and undefined

breathe in and out again
shortwalk fourblocks suspended

now you're a dreamer, a healer, a divine witch of light
making your moonwater from mountain springs at night
and putting me under some good lovespell
i'd say it went well
so take me apart and keep me in those mason jars

i'll be the ground beneath
your brown wandering feet
breathe in and out my love
sundown but moons above

when you were a grey owl
in some past life
you had a place you'd go

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